NEW VIDEO: Delayed Flights

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“I know I took a little long I was stuck up in my zone trying to find a way to grow…” Passport Rav wants his music to take the listener to a deeper place of thought.  For quite some time Rav wanted to bring his work overseas and perform.  Well he finally had a chance to tour London with Dre Skuffs ( recently and has been invigorated ever since.  Although he literally experienced “Delayed Flights” while traveling throughout Europe,  this self produced song means something a bit deeper.  Passport Rav considers himself to be a late bloomer.  We are all on a flight in life and while some of us are on a delayed one, you will none the less reach your destination.  Do not rush the process, BeFlyStayHungry!

  This song will be featured on his EP entitled “Gentrified Snacks” coming later this fall.




Surrender – Passport Rav


May is the “Mental Health Awareness Month.” Mental health has been a topic of discussion as of late.  Seems as if the chaotic confusion of today is pushing people into a deeper space of consciousness or completely off the edge of mental stability.  On this self produced new record Passport Rav is taking you to a place of SURRENDER.
“Do not resist the pain, allow it to be there.  Surrender to the grief, despair, fear, loneliness or whatever form the suffering takes.  Witness it without labeling it mentally.  Embrace it.  See how the miracle of surrender transforms deep suffering into deep peace…” – Eckhart Tolle
On “Blck Evil” I talk about the conscience of being a black man in America and the struggles one may face.  I am not only black everyday.  I am also human everyday and have a constant battle of upholding good mental health.
Passport Rav is heading to London for his first overseas show.  6/9 at Box Park in Croydon, London.

Venomous2000 – Is Life Fair (prod. Rav.P)

Taken from his 9th solo album “Will To Power”, Is Life Fair is the newest visual from Venomous2000. The New Jersey native returned to his hometown of Passaic, NJ to bring us this newest release. Produced by Rav.P and filmed by Deliris out of Barcelona, Spain; Venomous2000 asks his audience to ponder the question, Is Life Fair? Featuring guest appearances by Flan, Big Brotha Trey, Rashad Sun, ACL, Nalm Myerz, Su, Short, Victor KJ, 1080p, Phonetic, Will, Kera, Poet Substratum, Tru, Rosz Place Posse, and NPD.
Album: Will To Power
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Mix & Mastered by Trilian
Video by Deliris


NEW MUSIC: Rav.P – Blck Evil (prod by Rav.P)

Rav.P – Blck Evil (prod by Rav.P)
Artwork by Rick Egidius

On a play with words, Rav.P asks “why everything thats black is bad?” Black according to the dictionary is tied to words like grim, evil and bad luck. Rav.P challenges you to question who was behind these words and its meaning. It is time that we as a people and especially the police in America, to change our thoughts on these words that may strike fear. Rav says, “I have debates all the time with people that hate the use of the N word but when the Police get the description that invokes fear it is not the N word. It is black…”