“The incredibly talented, up and coming, Rav. P is back today with something brand new for our ears to devour. The track is called “City Of Angels” and finds Rav linking up with Skyzoo for something rather incredible. “City of Angels” is driven by some ethnic sounding drums that gets backed up by an interesting array of melodic sounds that makes an interesting home for the fellas to do their thing. Neither MC disappoints while they spit their respective styles nicely. This shit is infectious as shit, check it out after the jump.” – Stupid Dope 

“Visuals from the #weeklyStamps series “Immaculate” produced by Trac-qaeda and directed by Pressure Grafix. “now a days I talk to less friends and more business partners” Rav finds himself getting up w his good friend in Newark and spending time at Jones Beach after w some ladies for some fun and games.” – 2DopeBoyz 

“Jersey native Rav.P takes you deep into the corners of his deviant mind with “Perverted Since ’83.” After striking out when scrolling through to his contacts to get some tail, Rav falls asleep and wakes up as none other than Black Dynamite! Directed by Nimi Hendrix, “Perverted Since ’83” has everything you could possibly want in a music video, from nonstop ass kicking to a raunchy 70s style threesome complete with a porn ‘stache and girls in full body fish nets. The track traces Rav’s obsession with sex since his early days. One notable instance is his first time going south and getting played the rookie, no favor in return. And it only gets better! Brace yourself as Rav demolishes goons, faces off for an epic nunchuck battle, then goes to town on two alluring ladies. Although the vid gets crazy raunchy, he doesn’t forget to preach safe sex to the kids. Baby oil and afro sheen not included.” – Mass Appeal 

” Time to get a meta on dat azz: a music video spoof of (the criminally underappreciated) Black Dynamite, which is itself a spoof of 1970s Blaxploitation films. A pretty entertaining video that arguably overshadows an equally entertaining song by New Jersey emcee Rav.P now comin’ through ya internet. This is some naughty, nasty, comedic silliness. We approve.” – EGO TRIP LAND

You can find reviews on Rav’s work on THE SOURCE and NAH RIGHT.  Feel free to google the name Rav.P

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