Beef Stew Chronicles Week 1 (Q-Tip)

Every week Passport Rav is releasing a new stew.  This is a good mix of old songs remixed to Rav’s beats.  First week is a rendition of Busta Rhymes x Q-Tip “Ill Vibe Tip”

Sax by Casey Francis


Passport Werf: A Millennials Dream (EP)

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Passport Werf: A Millennials Dream, is a vibey collab between both producer/artists Julius Myth and Passport Rav.
Both have been performing in New York for some years now and decided to make this EP a joint venture. Enter the fantasy world of Passport Werf.


Passport Rav x Dre Skuffs – Every Time

Passport Rav x Dre Skuffs

“Every Time”
prod by Lace434

Dre Skuffs and Passport Rav recently went on an indie tour in London.  Both Jersey artists with a Jamaican background when we visit our island the term “you come from foreign” is typical.  While getting their passport stamps on the road, performing at multiple venues and hitting up Fubar Radio for a cypher they managed to start their EP.  “The Foreigners EP” is coming soon and you can surely expect them back on the road again soon.

The single entitled “Every Time” speaks on the social injustices of American society today. The haunting instrumental is provided by Virginia producer Lace434.  Rav mentions “performing blck evil in london, saw the faces of people that understood but can’t relate the way that we do…”  Dre Skuffs also gives his take discussing the blatant agenda against black people and how social media is also spreading these truths.  Take a listen to the first single from “The Foreigners EP” and be on the look out for the project soon!

Hard To Love, Love Too Hard

NEW MUSIC: Passport Rav – Hard to Love, Love Too Hard

Art by Aaron F Gonzalez


“Seems like a good man is never appreciated….” Evolution. Dating now a days is pretty tough, especially for folks that love hard. Social media, dating apps and the good ole cat and mouse game. It seems like now women have grown so tired of getting cheated on and lied to by men, that they now dictate how its gonna be played.