Todd-N-Harold EP

Rav n Coastyn have been friends for some years now and have yet to release a project. Todd-n-Harold is a summer ending kind of sound.  Tracks like "Another BK Summer" is intended to reflect on the summer coming to an end in the borough where…

Passport Rav - Uproar freestyle

Fanciest Negro EP drops 11/12

Beef Stew Week 5 (Panda)

Week 5 of the Beef Stew Chronicles is here!

Beef Stew Chronicles week 2 (Nas)

  This weeks stew features Nas....s/o to all the virgos .

Beef Stew Chronicles Week 1 (Q-Tip)

Every week Passport Rav is releasing a new stew.  This is a good mix of old songs remixed to Rav's beats.  First week is a rendition of Busta Rhymes x Q-Tip "Ill Vibe Tip" Sax by Casey Francis …

The Foreigners - Big Ben (video/recap)

So what happens when you go on tour wo a camera man? You say F IT and shoot anyway using everyone around as a camera person, including selfies lol.  Enjoy this recap of The Foreigners in Amsterdam, Berlin and U.K.

Passport Rav - Any Day Now (Animation)  As Passport Rav is loading up for his solo album later this spring called "Fanciest Negro" he releases a single/animation that will not be…