Hard To Love, Love Too Hard

NEW MUSIC: Passport Rav – Hard to Love, Love Too Hard

Art by Aaron F Gonzalez


“Seems like a good man is never appreciated….” Evolution. Dating now a days is pretty tough, especially for folks that love hard. Social media, dating apps and the good ole cat and mouse game. It seems like now women have grown so tired of getting cheated on and lied to by men, that they now dictate how its gonna be played.

NEW MUSIC: Rav.P – Blck Evil (prod by Rav.P)

Rav.P – Blck Evil (prod by Rav.P)
Artwork by Rick Egidius

On a play with words, Rav.P asks “why everything thats black is bad?” Black according to the dictionary is tied to words like grim, evil and bad luck. Rav.P challenges you to question who was behind these words and its meaning. It is time that we as a people and especially the police in America, to change our thoughts on these words that may strike fear. Rav says, “I have debates all the time with people that hate the use of the N word but when the Police get the description that invokes fear it is not the N word. It is black…”