Venomous2000 – Is Life Fair (prod. Rav.P)

Taken from his 9th solo album “Will To Power”, Is Life Fair is the newest visual from Venomous2000. The New Jersey native returned to his hometown of Passaic, NJ to bring us this newest release. Produced by Rav.P and filmed by Deliris out of Barcelona, Spain; Venomous2000 asks his audience to ponder the question, Is Life Fair? Featuring guest appearances by Flan, Big Brotha Trey, Rashad Sun, ACL, Nalm Myerz, Su, Short, Victor KJ, 1080p, Phonetic, Will, Kera, Poet Substratum, Tru, Rosz Place Posse, and NPD.
Album: Will To Power
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Mix & Mastered by Trilian
Video by Deliris


NEW MUSIC: Rav.P – Blck Evil (prod by Rav.P)

Rav.P – Blck Evil (prod by Rav.P)
Artwork by Rick Egidius

On a play with words, Rav.P asks “why everything thats black is bad?” Black according to the dictionary is tied to words like grim, evil and bad luck. Rav.P challenges you to question who was behind these words and its meaning. It is time that we as a people and especially the police in America, to change our thoughts on these words that may strike fear. Rav says, “I have debates all the time with people that hate the use of the N word but when the Police get the description that invokes fear it is not the N word. It is black…”





Doors open at 930, show at 10


Old Kanye [prod by Rav.P]

While Kanye is still alive and healthy, my spirit told me to shed light on how much of an influence this man has had on my life. During a time in the early 2000’s when you had to be a hardcore gangster rapper to even be taken seriously, Kanye came out of nowhere. I remember his single “Through the Wire” being played on Hot 97 and him introducing himself to NY for the first time and he received so much hate. I was listening from NJ saying to myself that people are stupid and watch this man be huge one day. I compare Kanye to Muhammed Ali and people look at me like im crazy. When Ali was dancing around that ring making people look stupid in a braggadocios way everyone including his own people were saying that he was crazy and “arrogant.” Well now that he is disabled we all want to honor and forget how much hate they sent to that rich legendary boxer. Now we have a rich, already legendary producer/artist Kanye West that gets so much hate, from rumors by blogs and people having the general consensus that “he is just an asshole.” We may not agree to everything a person does or say, but from the artistic standpoint we need to show love to our legends while still alive.I remember driving and hearing Roses one late night in Montclair NJ and crying at a stop sign like a baby. Nothing has ever touched me to my core like that before and bring up so much hidden pain that I was masking. IDK if this message will ever get to Kanye West, my biggest music inspiration but if so I just wanna say thank you. Thank you for keeping the culture alive and NOT GIVING A FUCK about opinions. Thank you KANYE WEST!


I know this goes off beat a lil (i tried lol)


NEW MUSIC: Idle Hands – Rav.P x Knew Era x Whiiteboy

“As the hip-hop world becomes cluttered with Xanax raps and violent nonsense more and more, a group of fiery emcees with something real to say have dropped a new track.

Dive deep into the black struggle and racism of today on Rav.P’s latest banger with Knew Era and Whiiteboy — a Newark native. In the times where police brutality and racism are prevalent in our everyday conversations, “Idle Hands” helps tell the stories from the voices seldom heard.”Vibe Magazine


“And you ask how the hell we survive through this madness…”

After releasing Good Vibes, Good Energy into the atmosphere last year, New Jersey’s Rav. P returns to the DopeHouse to touch on a subject that has become all too prevalent — and one that has been going on for centuries: racism in the Black community, police brutality and the uncomfortable cause and effect of white supremacy.

To get his point across, Rav enlists the help of fellow Garden State emcees Knew Era & Whiiteboy on the self-produced “Idle Hands.”2dopeboyz

prod by Rav.P

Art by Rick Egidius